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Message from the President

KOBAYASHI CORPORATION was established by the founder, Mr. Kameo Kobayashi, in October 1946 and for more than 60 years has provided a wide variety of high-precision, high-strength, important parts for automobiles, motorcycles, and other vehicles, such as engine and frame components. "Safety first and highest priority on quality" is the motto of the manufacturing sites in order to make good products to achieve customer satisfaction.

To ensure higher quality, all personnel work together to maintain and improve the level of quality. ISO 9001 certification was obtained as a part of the activities to improve quality.

In addition, the global environment is a significant concern. We have reviewed our facilities, developed new production techniques, and acquired ISO 14001 certification to guarantee the determined rules. Every effort is made for environmental conservation.

The current situation in the world is becoming more severe and rapidly changing each day, making it very difficult to forecast the future. Even in these turbulent conditions, we promise to sincerely respond to customers, ensure satisfaction, and survive as an expected company, as well as prosper in business to maintain the vigorous lives of all employees.
Kunio SAKAMAKI, President

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